Success Stories from Shoutout Customers

Below are the few of many, successful campaigns we completed.

Songplay App

Spend: $1,000
Result: 10k downloads

"Shoutout allowed us to push our music app through iOS charts and acquire downloads at $0.10 cpi, our most successful launch!"

Timbo Snake

Spend: $3,800
Result: 48.5k downloads

"We were able to achieve $0.08 cpi across Android and iOS for our game over 5 day campaign run. We ranked #5 for main keyword on App Store and #2 trending game in USA overall on Google Play!"

Goal Tactics

Spend: $1,250
Result: $0.60 CPI

"We used Shoutout for our campaign and received strong results. We'll continue using them in the future for other games."


Spend: $1,200
Reach: 10M impressions

"Shoutout helps us promote contests and giveaways of our product. We always receive great exposure and drum up lots of buzz!"

Big Emoji Keyboard

Spend: $900
Result: $0.32 CPI

"We ran a 15s video ad on Shoutout and achieved 32c per install. This was for an iOS only app for which we think influencer marketing is a suitable channel."

Giraffe Winter Sport

Spend: $255
Result: $0.13 CPI

"We’ve managed to reach 0,13$ CPI per one 3 hour shoutout, mainly for US traffic. I think it’s a very cheap way to acquire users. We also were surprised that people search and download the game even though there are no links in the shoutout. Thanks Shoutout for your help, tips and suggestions!"

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